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My Story

Rachel Haselhorst Dietitian and Online Nutrition Coach

Hi, I am Rachel!  I have been a dietitian for 10 years and over those years I got sick of seeing women suffer through diet after diet only to blame themselves if they failed! I myself have fallen victim to the diet culture and it’s overwhelming, confusing, and overall not helpful for our long-term success.  


I graduated from Indiana University with my bachelors in dietetics and completed my dietetic residency at Indiana State University.  I started my career working in hospitals and doctors offices coaching, counseling, and teaching classes on weight management, diabetes, pcos, heart disease and more.  I am a wife and mom to two, little, rambunctious boys. For the past 2 and a half years I have started my own virtual private practice and I have been able to work with hundreds of women to help them create simple and non overwhelming nutrition solutions that fit into their lives!  It is the best job in the world!

I have tried the diets, too.  I have wanted a lifestyle for myself but felt stuck with self-doubt, overwhelm, and the feeling of having no willpower.  Until I began my career and realized that diet culture keeps us in this negative cycle.  You do not lack willpower!  You do have self-control!  These negative feelings related to food and diet are not your fault at all but a history of conditioned beliefs (probably not true!), a history of diet rules and guidelines, and a history of restriction.  It is such a freeing feeling to learn to let go of all of those rules and learn to listen to your body (which is so smart by the way!).  Instead of focusing on restriction, what can we add in to start to eat for more energy, eat to feel more satisfied and more in control!  This can be achieved with a small healthy, non-overwhelming change and a simple plan.  Can’t wait to get started with you!

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