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1:1 Coaching


I provide 1:1 coaching to women who are ready to ditch the diets and create a more simple, positive,

and long-term plan.  My 1:1 clients are given a Getting Started packet that will provide a personalized weekly guideline, food groups, portions sizes, and nutrition tips on how and where to get started.  You will be included in my exclusive client Facebook community that will connect you with other clients where you can share wins, ask questions, and post for accountability!  As my client, you will fill out an awesome check-in sheet before we will communicate over the phone with biweekly phone calls.  This allows me to help you develop your simple nutrition plan tailored to your life, help you create specific action items to get you closer to your goals, and provide TONS of guidance and support during your journey!  With my open-door policy, you are able to message me, ask questions, and communicate with me whenever needed so that I can provide as much support and guidance as you need to set you up for success!  1:1 coaching is ongoing monthly at $500/month, with a 3-month minimum (healing and growing takes time!)

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